Synaptol ingredients

Honey and horse radish in Synaptol

Synaptol is a homeopathic remedy for ADHD symptoms like hyperactivity, restlessness, and impulsivity. It is an over the counter medication that you can buy without the need for a doctor’s prescription. You can safely use it for both children and adult patients. A long-term treatment alleviates agitation and outbursts of excessive energy.

You do not need to worry about Synaptol side effects because this remedy for ADHD is composed only of natural ingredients. In its composition, you will find organically sourced elements like herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals that have been proven to soothe inattention and fidgeting with maximum efficiency.

Plants that cure hyperactivity

Nature has a remedy for almost all the medical conditions that may affect humans. Even hyperactivity can be cured with an organic solution. Specialists in traditional medicine are well aware of this fact, which is why treatments for ADHD like Synaptol contain essential herbal extracts that soothe anxiety and agitation.

Among the most useful plant essences against uneasiness that you can find in Synaptol are extracts from Aconitum ferox and Scleranthus annuus. The former is a plant native to India, while the latter grows in southern Europe and North Africa. Both of these herbs have been clinically tested and proven to ease symptoms of ADHD rapidly and with zero side effects.

Herbal extracts that get rid of learning difficulties

A study from the Medicine University of Michigan considers learning disabilities to be an integral part of ADHD and an often visible symptom that your child may be suffering from this condition. The problem with this symptom of deficit disorder is that it cannot be diagnosed in small infants. Difficulties in reading and writing can only be spotted first in children between 6-12 years old.

To improve this issue, Synaptol has included in its formula several natural ingredients with essential properties against learning disabilities. Among them you will find extracts like the ones below.

Natural ingredients

  • Apis melodica – dried and powdered honeybees
  • Sumbul essence – a plant native to India
  • Cochlearia Armoracia – a plant originated from Southeast Europe, also known as horseradish

All these organic essences treat difficulties in listening, learning and memorizing. Both adults and children can improve their intellectual abilities and their memory by taking Synaptol regularly.

Organic minerals that treat forgetfulness

Synaptol combines a wide range of herbal extracts with vitamins and minerals to enhance its healing and nourishing action. One of the most important organic compounds in its composition is phosphorus. This chemical element plays an important biological role not only for your overall health but specifically for treating ADHD. Medical research has revealed that this mineral supports vitamin D absorption to eliminate one of the causes of attention deficit disorder.

Natural essences for inattention

Another herbal extract that has a crucial part in alleviating ADHD symptoms is obtained from Scutellaria lateriflora. This plant is native to North America and produces a substance with mild sedative properties. As an integral component of Synaptol, this essence has the role in calming the patient and increasing his focus on immediate tasks and actions.

Long-term intake treats inattention with maximum efficiency and increases the patient’s productivity.