What is Synaptol?

A great number of people worldwide are affected by different forms of ADD or ADHD. Considered the most predominant psychiatric disorder of the neuro-developmental type which affects the children, the Attention Deficit And Hyperactivity Disorder causes significant problems of hyperactivity, attention or impulsivity which are not appropriate to a person’s age.

For the majority of children, it is almost normal to encounter difficulties related to behavior and concentration from time to time. But a child affected by ADHD does not escape from these difficulties. Most probably, the symptoms will keep causing him problems during his entire life, at school, at home and also with his friends.

Synaptol is an OTC Homeopathic Medicine formulated to treat and ameliorate hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattentiveness, difficulty reading and writing as well as poor concentration, in order to help the children and adults who suffer from ADHD, offering them the chance for a better life.

Delivering a secure, non-stimulant relief while not having negative side effects, Synaptol assist a balanced life, being a natural choice already tested by numerous consumers who were supported by this product.

What does Synaptol contain and what are its benefits?

Made of homeopathic ingredients combined with purified ionized mineral water, Synaptol helps the body’s natural balance, is easy to use for secure relief, does not interact with other medication and assists the overall health. The mixture contains only natural ingredients at highest standards of potency and purity, which are aimed to assist the patients of all ages who are affected by ADHD and ADD.

The active ingredients of Synaptol are: Aconitum ferox, Aesculus hippocastanum flos, Adrenalinum, Apis mellifica, Avena Sativa, Argentum nitricum, Baptisia tinctoria, Scutellaria lateriflora, Cochlearia armoracia, Phosphorus, Scleranthus annuus flos, Sumbul, Viola odorata.


These natural compounds work synergistically to safely and naturally start relieving inattention, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, fidgeting, inattentiveness, difficulty listening, reading or writing, trouble following directions or dealing with organizational problems.

Synaptol has proved its efficiency in safely relieving ADHD symptoms, being safe to use by both adults and children and helping them to fight against this condition, which can be really frustrating.

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How does Synaptol work?

A healthy and balanced eating plan along with daily physical activity is essential for both children and adults. Even though it is not a total treatment for ADD or ADHD, it is crucial to assure basic nutritional requirements are fulfilled. Frequently, parents include in the nutrition of their children fresh raw foods, meals with no dyes or additives and, as much as possible, unprocessed foods.

Synaptol can successfully supply the vital nutrients deficient on a child who suffers from ADHD, which are very probably missing, due to our busy lifestyles. This efficient supplement will assist to improve the cell detoxification and oxygen in the entire body, promoting an overall health and helping the patient lead a balanced lifestyle.

Synaptol for kids

Synaptol functions by supporting the persons affected by ADD or ADHD to reach symptom free. This homeopathic supplement will assist to lessen mood swings, relaxing and soothing the mind, as well as reducing the stress levels. The consumer of Synaptol will be able to concentrate and the learning difficulties related to school will be alleviated.

How to use

Synaptol is not intended to substitute the medication prescribed by the physician. However, Synaptol will safely lower hyperactivity and inattention, without producing any undesired side effects. It does not contain alcohol, gluten or sugar in its homeopathic and oligotherapeutic formula.

The product comes in liquid form and has a dropper included. One dose of Synaptol is one full squeeze of this dropper, meaning 1 ml of the mixture. It is recommended to add this dose in 8-12 oz of distilled or purified water and stir it well before ingesting it. The other option is to pour one drop directly into the mouth. Regardless of how you choose to use Synaptol, keep in mind that this mixture should be used twice a day.

But if the patient weighs less than 50lbs, the dosage of the formula should be halved.

Just like many other natural medications, Synaptol does not cause any negative side effects on the health of the consumer. However, seek the advice of your physician before using Synaptol or before deciding to treat your child with this supplement.

Where to buy

You can buy Synaptol online at, where you can benefit of free shipping to the US and a 60 day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied by the treatment with Synaptol.


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Can you buy Synaptol in stores?

No, and the explanation is quite simple, as long as you want to make sure you are getting the original product. The producers has a strict policy and wants to control everything going through the delivery process. This way, Hellolife can guarantee the well-known high quality.

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The life of a child suffering this condition can be quite depressing. Often, he may be isolated from groups or placed to work alone, on his own, not to interrupt or affect the other children. He may be underweight, experiencing inattention, hyperactivity, difficulty of following directions, trouble reading or writing, but Synaptol will alleviate these symptoms, making the life of your child easier and healthier.

The prescription medications are significant and helpful, but maybe this treatment is not the best complete solution to the necessities of your child. Used together with Synaptol, the medication with this natural and powerful formula will support your child to be more engaged in conversations, to focus better and to finally be able to do his work.

Synaptol will help your child get back to a normal lifestyle, improving his existence and offering him the chance for a peaceful, confident and healthy life. Buy now Synaptol and soon you will enjoy the results.

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